At least two more people were shot to death in Greater Sao Paolo in the past 24 hours, bringing to 10 the number of murders committed here since Friday night, police said.

In the municipality of Guarulhos, near Sao Paulo, two young men were shot dead and a third was wounded when gunmen riding on motorcycles attacked them in Santo Dumont Park.

In Capao Redondo, in the southern part of the city, a security guard at a supermarket was shot and seriously wounded, according to a police spokesman, the Agencia Estado news agency reported.

Eyewitnesses said that two men on a motorcycle shot the uniformed victim, whom they may have mistaken for a police officer since he was driving a vehicle loaned to him by police.

In the deadliest incident, five young people were shot and killed by an unidentified group of armed men Friday night in Sao Paulo's southern district of Cidade Ademar, a spokesperson with Sao Paulo state's Public Safety Secretariat told Efe.

In another shooting, a pedestrian was killed Friday night by two individuals on a motorcycle in the city's northern district of Vila Constanca.

According to the secretariat, one other person was killed in a shooting in the east-side district of Penha.

Brazilian media, meanwhile, reported that a suspected criminal was shot dead in a clash with security forces in the Sao Paulo suburb of Embu das Artes.

Meanwhile, eight buses were set on fire on the weekend in the Campinas metropolitan area, some 100 kilometers (62 miles) from Sao Paulo.

Police in Sao Paulo say more than 250 homicides have been committed in the metropolis since the start of October, with most of violence directed at citizens but also including as many as 90 - sometimes off-duty - policemen. EFE