Municipal authorities in the Mexico City district of Iztapalapa announced on the weekend that they will prohibit residents from engaging in celebratory gunfire into the air during street, religious or civil festivals after a child in a movie theater was killed by a spent bullet.

Iztapalapa public safety coordinator Carlos Candelaria Lopez told local media that authorities will meet with the representatives of various neighborhood groups to explain that the use of firearms will not be permitted at the festivals held in the district, which has some 2 million residents.

"The (municipal authorities are) not against their practices and customs and traditions as such, but firing bullets is not a tradition," the official said.

Candelaria Lopez said that authorities were pursuing a "no tolerance" policy and seeking to eliminate the use of firearms at street festivals.

In different parts of the neighborhood there are assorted religious festivals and at many of them people are accustomed to bringing firearms and celebrating by firing into the air.

On Nov. 2, a child watching a movie with his family in a local theater was hit in the head by a bullet that came straight down through the ceiling, dying two days later.

During the investigation of the incident, experts found various spent bullets and cartridges on the theater's roof, and others that had landed throughout the district after celebratory gunfire were brought in by local residents.