Spain-based technology multinational Indra Sistemas plans to strengthen its commitment to Latin America by hiring between 1,500 and 2,000 local employees in that region in 2013, half of them in Brazil.

Indra's international director, Emilio Diaz, said Friday on the sidelines of the Ibero-American Summit in Cadiz, Spain, that the IT and defense systems company's goal is to attract local talent in Latin America to further its growth plans.

He also touted Indra's expansion in Latin America, which currently accounts for 25 percent of the company's total sales.

The executive said Indra's operations in the region are focused on infrastructure modernization, especially of airports, seaports, roads and railways.

Brazil, where Indra is carrying out infrastructure modernization and defense projects, accounts for 40 percent of the company's business volume and personnel in Latin America and is its second-biggest market after Spain.

In Mexico, Indra's operations are more oriented to public safety and hydric infrastructure.

Diaz underscored the company's technology and knowledge transfers to that area of the world, where technological tools are introduced and also exported to other parts of the planet.

Indra is one of the biggest employers in Latin America, providing jobs to 14,000 people, or more than one-third of the company's global workforce of 40,000 professionals.

The company, whose 2012 fiscal year ended with an increase in Latin America sales of between 8 percent and 9 percent relative to 2011, has seen a 12-fold rise in revenue from its Latin American operations over the past six years. EFE