The Federal District Attorney's Office is investigating the shooting death earlier this month of a boy at a Mexico City cinema, officials said Tuesday.

Hendrik Cuacuas died after being shot in the head on Nov. 2 at the Cinepolis movie theater at the Plaza Ermita shopping center in the Iztapalapa neighborhood.

Cinepolis has expressed its "support and respects" to the boy's family and is awaiting the outcome of the investigation of "this unfortunate incident," the company said in a statement.

The 10-year-old boy, his sister and father were in the theater when the adult told investigators he "heard a buzzing sound near his ear" followed by "a thunder clap and blow" in a "fraction of seconds," the Federal District Attorney's Office said.

The father then saw that his son's head was "hanging on his right side" and the boy had blood on his head and was having "convulsions," the DA's office said.

"He jumped up and started screaming for help, he went out of the auditorium to look for the people in charge and found the manager, whom he told that someone had hit" his son, the DA's office said.

The boy was transported to a hospital for treatment and then taken to a second medical facility, "where he underwent surgery but died on Nov. 4 due to the severity of his wounds," the DA's office said.

The boy "died from a firearms projectile that penetrated his skull," the Federal District Attorney's Office said.

Theater employees assisted the boy and his father, following all the established procedures, Cinepolis said. EFE