Two members of Pakistan's Frontier Corps died Tuesday when a pre-positioned bomb exploded as their vehicle was driving by in the western city of Quetta, a police commander told Efe.

The attack occurred about noon on the road linking the city to the airport. The bomb was placed on board a motorcycle that was parked along the road and detonated just as the FC vehicle passed by, Mohammed Rafiq said.

Eleven other people, including civilians, were wounded in the blast, he said.

Quetta is the capital of strife-racked Baluchistan, Pakistan's poorest province despite the fact that it possesses substantial natural resources like gas and minerals.

Shortly after the creation of Pakistan in 1947, several armed groups began operating in the region fighting for secession or for greater autonomy, and Taliban factions and other jihadist groups have taken refuge in the northern part of the zone.

Sectarian attacks against the Shiite minority alternate with frequent attacks by separatist militias against the security forces and government officials. EFE