Murder in Colombian village spurs bloody reprisals

Published November 12, 2012


The murder of a man in a village in northwestern Colombia unleashed an act of vengeance by neighbors resulting in another four deaths, authorities said.

The situation occurred in Alto Colorado, Antioquia provincial Gov. Sergio Fajardo said.

"Information: 1 murder and the community took revenge on them. Awful," he said on Twitter.

Press accounts said the first victim was found knifed to death at one spot and the other four, who had been shot, in another location in Alto Colorado.

The scene of the murders is 35 kilometers (22 miles) west of Medellin, the capital of Antioquia, the region where on Nov. 7 a paramilitary group killed 10 peasants who were harvesting tomatoes on a farm in the town of Santa Rosa de Osos.

President Juan Manuel Santos and other officials attributed the massacre to a group of Los Rastrojos, one of the armed drug trafficking bands that arose after the 2006 demobilization of the AUC federation of right-wing militias.

The bloodbath was a reprisal by Los Rastrojos after the farm's owner refused to pay them protection money. EFE