A man who was kidnapped almost three months go in northern Colombia survived after being shot in the head while escaping from his captors, and managed to reach safety after walking for four days, authorities said.

Cattle rancher and trader Angel Ramon Rodriguez returned under his own power to Riohacha, the capital of the Caribbean province of La Guajira.

A police spokesperson told the press that Rodriguez and his wife Mariluz Acosta, who remains missing, were abducted Aug. 18 from a family ranch in the rural Riohacha area.

The incident was attributed to six armed men in an SUV who seized the couple after tying up several workers on the property.

Dr. Juancho Monroy of the medical center where Rodriguez was admitted told a correspondent for RCN Radio in Riohacha that the former hostage had a bullet wound in the right side of the head that was not serious.

"He's in stable condition...there's no evidence of a fracture," Monroy said. EFE