Dominican emergency authorities reported Sunday that 12,365 people have been forced from their homes and more than 3,000 houses have been destroyed in flooding from intense rains across the northern part of the country over the past two days.

The Emergency Operations Center, or COE, said in a communique that it decreed a yellow alert in eight provinces and issued lesser warnings for two others in the face of the danger of sudden flooding.

Almost all of the displaced people are being put up in the homes of friends and relatives, the COE said, adding that - for the moment - the rains would continue in a large part of the northern Dominican Republic.

The provinces that are under the yellow alert include Montecristi, Dajabon, Santiago Rodriguez, Valverde, Puerto Plata, Espaillat, Maria Trinidad Sanchez and Samana, while Monseñor Nouel and La Vega are under a green alert.

The COE also recommended that small boats remain in port since high seas and abnormally strong winds are being registered along the country's entire Atlantic coast.

Authorities emphasized that the rains have not caused any known deaths, and they recommended that the public continue to follow the precautionary measures and recommendations mentioned in the periodic COE bulletins. EFE