Henry de Jesus Lopez Londoño, a Colombian arrested in Argentina on drug charges, said in an interview published Sunday that he was not involved in the illegal drug trade and feared for his life.

"I'm afraid they're going to kill me," Lopez Londoño told the Tiempo Argentino newspaper from the federal prison in Ezeiza, a city in Buenos Aires province.

The 41-year-old Lopez Londoño is awaiting trial on his possible extradition to the United States.

The suspected drug trafficker, however, said he had not slept "anywhere as quiet" as the Argentine prison in the past seven years.

Lopez Londoño denied the allegations against him and said he was "politically persecuted" by the Colombian government and police who "want to shut me up however they can."

"I never moved a single gram of cocaine in my life and I do not have a single peso of my wealth that has anything to do with drug trafficking," Lopez Londoño said.

He also denied reports in the Argentine press that he employed bodyguards and used armored vehicles to move around in Argentina.

Lopez Londoño said he did not work in Argentina because he lived off the income from a variety of businesses, including ranching, auto sales and real estate, he owns in Colombia.

Lopez Londoño was arrested on Oct. 30 at an Italian restaurant on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. EFE