A Honduran attorney and his 10-year-old son were murdered by gunmen in Tegucigalpa, police said.

Marlon Cerrato and his son, whose name was not released, were killed Friday in the Colonia 21 de Octubre district of Tegucigalpa.

The boy was pronounced dead on arrival at the Teaching Hospital in the capital.

At least two gunmen opened fire on the attorney and then fled on a motorcycle, eyewitnesses said.

Cerrato, who practiced law in Tegucigalpa, was the nephew of transit director Armando Gomez, media reports said.

At least 30 lawyers have been murdered in the past 20 months in Honduras, the Human Rights Commission said.

Attorneys Antonio Trejo and Manuel Diaz were murdered on Sept. 22 and Sept. 24, respectively, but the motive for the killings is unknown.

Trejo, a defender of the rights of peasants demanding land to farm in the Caribbean region, was killed by gunmen in Tegucigalpa, while Diaz, a human rights prosecutor, was murdered by gunmen in Choluteca, located in southern Honduras. EFE