Brazilian police killed at least six suspected drug-gang members in two operations early Saturday in Rio de Janeiro slums.

The first operation, conducted in the pre-dawn hours in the Vila Kennedy shantytown on Rio's outskirts left four dead and one wounded, the Military Police said in a statement.

In that operation, authorities confiscated three handguns, a revolver, a grenade, ammunition and a small consignment of cocaine, marijuana and crack.

Two other suspected drug-gang members died in a shootout with police in a second operation Saturday morning in the nearby Rola and Antares shantytowns, also on Rio's outskirts.

Lt. Col. Friedrick Bassani told O Globo daily that two handguns were seized in that operation and a large quantity of drugs.

The second operation involved a large deployment of police, including 80 Military Police officers, and two armored vehicles, the statement said. EFE