Ten people have died and one has gone missing in Haiti's torrential rains, particularly in the provinces of Nord and Nippes, local media said Saturday.

Downpours drenched the area for two hours around midnight Thursday and caused the deaths of two little girls and three boys between ages 1 and 10, as well as four teenage boys and the mother of a family, according to a report by emergency management officials.

Most of the fatalities lived along riverbanks or in ravines and were unexpectedly caught in the swiftly rising currents caused by the deluge.

According to the authorities, one person is still missing after the rains.

A total of 1,573 local residents were forced to evacuate their homes and seek refuge in 14 shelters because of the rainstorm, the report said.

In the northern province of Nord and the western province of Nippes, the ones hit hardest by the rains, a dozen towns were flooded by overflowing rivers and streams.

Haiti, in a state of emergency, was still trying to recover from damage done earlier by the outer bands of Hurricane Sandy, which left 54 dead, 20 missing and some 20 injured in the destitute Caribbean country, according to official figures. EFE