Mexican singer and actress Thalia took humanitarian aid and comfort Friday to compatriots in New York affected by Hurricane Sandy.

"When I started seeing the destruction of Sandy I thought it was incredible, but, when I saw my Mexican brothers and sisters I felt the need to try and do something for them," the singer told a group of families gathered at the Staten Island Immigrant Information Center in one of the areas most devastated by the storm.

She said that in times like this an artist should use the reach of the media to collect aid for the victims, and at the same time called on the public to deposit money in the account opened by the Mexican Consulate for that purpose.

"I regret your losses to the bottom of my heart," said the artist, who was accompanied to the site by the Mexican consul, Carlos Sada.

Thalia, a mother of two, could not hide her emotions when she learned that a 3-month-old baby was sleeping in the family car because his parents had lost their home and all their belongings.

"This is so frustrating because as a mother I want only the best for that little treasure. I was touched very deeply by this whole situation and I had to come here with anything that could ease the pain a little," the singer said, and promised the mother a crib for her baby boy.

Sada said the consulate had identified 378 Mexicans in New York and New Jersey who were suffering in different ways from Hurricane Sandy, which left 42 people dead in New York. EFE