An indigenous man was killed in a gunfight between Brazilian federal police and Munduruku Indians earlier this week in a remote Amazonian village, authorities said Friday.

Adenilson Kirixi, 28, was found dead on Thursday, a day after the clash, the government's National Indian Foundation said.

Six other Mundurukus and three officers were wounded, the Federal Police said, though without confirming Kirixi's death.

The police involved in the incident were part of a multistate operation targeting illegal gold mining. Indians armed with shotguns and bows and arrows attacked the officers as they were destroying equipment allegedly used in illegal mining.

Police said Friday that at a meeting the day before the battle the Munduruku elders signed an agreement to allow the cops to carry out the court-ordered operation.

Despite the accord, the 35 officers who went to the hamlet outside the town of Alta Floresta to destroy the mining gear were ambushed, according to the Federal Police statement.

Police responded with tear gas before resorting to their guns, the statement said.

The Mundurukus were receiving payoffs of 420,000 reais ($205,000) a month from the leaders of the illegal mining scheme, police said.