The Spanish government on Wednesday approved 26 international cooperation projects that would result in a projected annual reduction of 3.8 million tons in CO2 emissions with the aim of complying with the Kyoto protocol.

The agency responsible for Spain's Kyoto-related projects, the AND, emphasized among the projects 13 wind farms, nine of them in India, three in Mexico and another in Tunisia.

Since its creation, the AND has approved 249 emissions-trading projects that mean a decrease of 65 million tons of CO2 emissions per year, resulting in a total of 299 million tons for the first commitment period of the Kyoto protocol, which ends this year.

All are in developing countries, with 31 percent being in Latin America and the Caribbean, 55 percent in Asia, 6 percent in Eastern Europe and 8 percent in Africa.

The AND is comprised of representatives from the Spanish prime minister's economic office and several ministries - Foreign Affairs and Cooperation; Economy and Competitiveness; Industry, Energy and Tourism; and Agriculture, Nutrition and Environment - as well as one delegate for Spain's autonomous regions. EFE