Five people were killed and three others wounded overnight in separate shootings in Brazil's largest city and its suburbs, authorities said Wednesday.

The incidents came just hours after the Sao Paulo state government and Brazilian federal officials announced the implementation of a joint plan to confront a recent upsurge in violence here.

Two young men were fatally shot late Tuesday in the crime-ridden Sao Paulo city neighborhood of Itaquera, a source in the municipal Public Safety Office told Efe, while shootings in nearby areas left a youth dead and a police officer wounded.

The other two fatalities were reported on Sao Paulo's north side and in suburban Guarulhos, respectively.

Nearly 1,100 homicides were reported in Sao Paulo state during the first nine months of the year. The victims included 90 police officers, most of them killed while off-duty.

The initiative presented Tuesday by the state and federal governments calls for creation of an integrated police intelligence center, among other steps.

The individual police agencies will continue to work within their existing jurisdictions, but intelligence-sharing will be key in the effort to "financially suffocate" organized crime, federal Justice Minister Jose Eduardo Cardozo said.

Federal officials suggest the recent spate of attacks on law enforcement in metropolitan Sao Paulo was orchestrated by jailed bosses of the First Capital Command, the region's most powerful criminal outfit. EFE