A Spanish woman was raped in the Indian city of Mumbai by an unknown man who entered her apartment originally intending to rob her, diplomatic officials told Efe on Tuesday.

The incident occurred on Monday morning, after the man entered the apartment through a window, threatened the victim - who had been sleeping - with a knife, and demanded that she hand over to him anything she had that was made of gold.

After finding that there was no gold in the apartment, the criminal raped the woman.

In remarks to Efe, Spain's ambassador in New Delhi, Gustavo de Aristegui, said that "since the incident became known, our consulate in Bombay (Mumbai) has been closely following the matter and has concerned itself with attending to the victim."

The diplomat, however, declined to offer any information about the woman or to discuss the circumstances of the crime.

"Our responsibility is to guard the identity of the victim and any detail ... could reveal it," said Aristegui, who added that "everything will be done to guarantee her wellbeing and privacy."

Indian media reported that Mumbai police had detained seven suspects, although formal charges had not yet been filed against any of them. EFE