At least 10 people died Tuesday and 30 were wounded in an explosion in the Al Wurud neighborhood on the outskirts of Damascus, Syrian official news agency Sana said.

The report blamed "terrorists" for the attack and said that the area had been jammed with people at the time of the blast, which comes a day after another explosion killed 11 people in the capital.

The explosion occurred at a bus stop and, according to photos released by the news agency, caused significant damage to nearby buildings.

The attack was confirmed by the opposition Syrian Human Rights Observatory, which said in a communique that at least 10 people were killed and more than 40 were wounded, several of them seriously.

According to this group, three bombs also exploded in Al Wurud's Al Zahara square, where members of Syria's Republican Guard - the elite force of President Bashar al-Assad's regime - live,

In recent hours, there have been several attacks in Damascus and its surroundings. According to opposition groups, a carbomb exploded Tuesday near the mosque in Uis without injuring anyone.

Around 32,000 people have died in Syria since the conflict began more than 18 months ago, according to U.N. estimates. EFE