Venezuela's national police seized 1.5 tons of "high purity" cocaine coming from Colombia during an operation in the western state of Lara, the interior and justice minister said.

The consignment, divided into 1,261 packages and weighing some 1,400 kilos (3,083 pounds), was hidden in the false bottom of a truck that was stopped early Sunday at a toll booth, Nestor Reverol told state television from the city of Barquisimeto.

"It's cocaine of very high purity, coming from the neighboring Republic of Colombia," the minister said.

He said the discovery was achieved "as a result of surveillance, tracking" and intelligence efforts.

The commander of the national police, Gen. Juan Romero Figueroa, said the truck driver is Venezuelan "and was arrested in the operation."

While not a drug-producing country, Venezuela is a transit corridor for cocaine from neighboring Colombia. EFE