Spanish explorers Eduardo Martínez de Pison and Ricardo Tomas presented their book and documentary entitled "Beyond Everest" on Monday in which they describe lesser-known Himalayan peaks of western China. 

The book and film gather the experiences of the climbing team on their trip to the remote Kunlun and Hengduan mountain chains. It also describes in great detail the characteristics of some of the peaks about which little information exists at present due to the fact that very few Westerners have visited them.

"For decades, the other mountains have been hidden despite being equal in dangers and ... more mysterious than Everest," emphasized Tomas, who has climbed several peaks in the Himalayas and the Kunlun range.

The book, which will soon be published in Spain, includes information about climbs, hikes, latitude calculations, forgotten chronicles of climbers, photographs and cartographic sketches of the area.

"We understand that beyond the Himalayas exists an adventure unknown to the general public, also in China," said Martínez de Pison, adding that both the documentary and the book have the aim of "getting people to make the trip and have the experiences of the team." 

The documentary, which will be screened on Monday at the Cervantes Institute in Beijing, describes the details of the mountains and discusses the people who live near them, mainly the Golok and Khampa groups, who venerate the peaks as gods that rule them. 

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