Spain's Acciona Infraestructuras won a 50.6 million euro ($64.7 million) contract to build two new subway stations in the Ecuadorian capital.

According to the Quito Metro's management, the two stations when constructed will form part of the Integrated Passenger Transport System and will help improve service both to the south and north of the city.

The construction of the La Magdalena station will begin late this year. Upstairs on the street, the installation will have a bus terminal.

Also to be built at the subway station will be a building for cultural activities, green areas and other facilities.

For its part, the El Labrador station, whose construction is planned for March 2013, will be located at the southern end of Mariscal Sucre International Airport.

Besides being a transport hub, El Labrador will be the point of entry to Parque de Lago, a park that will cover the current airport premises.

The Quito Metro has immediate plans to open its second phase for bidding, which will include the construction of a 22-kilometer (14-mile) tunnel, the remaining stations and a system of electromechanical installations. EFE