A man suspected of belonging to a drug traffickeing network that smuggled heroin into the United States was arrested outside Bogota by police, Colombian drug enforcement officials said.

Carlos Mario Agudelo Giraldo was arrested following a two-year investigation, National Police deputy drug enforcement unit chief Col. Eduardo Cardenas Velez said.

Agudelo, according to investigators, has been linked to a shipment of some 500 kilos of heroin and the laundering of $20 million.

He is the subject of an extradition request filed in federal court in New York, Cardenas Velez said.

The 35-year-old Agudelo became involved in drug trafficking in 2001 and "was a member of a transnational network that smuggled heroin into the United States," Cardenas Velez said.

Agudelo has links to the Los Rastrojos gang, which smuggles drugs, runs extortion rackets and carries out contract killings.

The National Police, the Colombian Attorney General's Office and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration worked together on the investigation of Agudelo. EFE