Three Japanese tourists have died in a snowstorm that lashed a large swath of northern China over the weekend, the official Xinhua news agency said Monday.

The victims were part of a group touring the Great Wall.

The body of Shunichiro Yanai, 76, was found Monday on Hengling mountain, while the bodies of another two tourists, ages 62 and 68, respectively, were found nearby on Sunday.

Also injured in the storm was another Japanese visitor and a Chinese tour guide.

The five, together with a second Chinese citizen, had set out Saturday morning to climb the mountain outside Beijing.

The group was caught in a storm of heavy rain, wind and snow that also hit the Chinese capital.

One of the Chinese tourists was able to come down the mountain and report in the closest town that his group had been isolated by the snow, after which a team of more than 150 people went up the slope to help the victims.

The 59 millimeters (2 inches) of snow that fell on Beijing caused serious problems to the transport system and left some areas temporarily without electricity. EFE