Two Saudi border guards died Monday in an attack in the southern zone of Sharura on the frontier with Yemen, the Interior Ministry said.

The attack was committed by a group of "terrorists," the ministry said in a communique.

According to a government spokesman cited by the official SPA news agency, the attackers opened fire with automatic weapons against the border guard patrol at 4:50 a.m.

Two soldiers were killed in the attack, the spokesman said, adding that after the assault Saudi security forces pursued the attackers, who tried to escape across the Yemen border.

Shots were exchanged during the pursuit in which 11 of the attackers were captured, four of them with serious wounds.

Ten of the captives were of Saudi nationality, while one other was a Yemeni resident of Saudi Arabia, the spokesman said, who asked citizens of his country to inform the authorities about any suspicions they might have about extremists or members of terrorist groups. EFE