Three people were killed and about 40 others injured when a tourist train derailed near Campos de Jordao, a summer resort in Brazil's Sao Paulo state, emergency services officials said Sunday.

The accident occurred Saturday between the cities of Pindamonhangaba and Campos do Jordao in the mountainous Vale do Paraiba region when a mudslide blocked the tracks, causing the train to derail, the fire department in the nearby city of Santo Antonio said.

Ten adults and two children were taken to a hospital in Campos de Jordao, while five others, all in serious condition, were transported to the city of Tabuate.

The rest of the injured had to remain at the accident scene until late in the evening because emergency services personnel had a difficult time reaching them due to the rough terrain.

Two people were pronounced dead at the accident scene and the third victim - a pregnant woman - died at the hospital in Taubate.

Campos de Jordao, located 167 kilometers (103 miles) from Sao Paulo, has buildings inspired by those in the Swiss Alps.

The city, which offers beautiful scenery and cold temperatures, is popular with tourists looking for a holiday weekend getaway or a place to spend a vacation. EFE