The death toll in New York from Hurricane Sandy rose to 42, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said, adding that rescue teams are continuing their work.

The rescue teams found one more body during the cleanup of debris, upping the total of 41 victims reported on Friday, the mayor said at a press conference.

Bloomberg, who did not identify the victim, said he regretted the loss of life at the same time that he asked those people who still do not have electricity not to use portable stoves for heating because they emit toxic fumes in an effort to "avoid more tragedies."

Two of the victims reported on Friday were two young brothers, Brandon, 2, and Connor Moore, 4, who were swept out of the arms of their mother by roiling waters as they were fleeing their home in Staten Island on Monday night.

The boys' father works for the municipal water sanitation department and was on shift when the tragedy occurred.

Several tens of thousands of New York residents will have to be relocated due to the damage their homes suffered from Hurricane Sandy and the intense cold, state Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Sunday.

It is calculated that there are between 30,000 and 40,000 people whose homes were destroyed or heavily damaged, or who are without electricity, the mayor said at a press conference on the city's recovery efforts after the storm. EFE