Ten undocumented migrants died on the weekend about 35 miles off the Libyan coast after the boat in which they were traveling to Italy sank, but 70 other people were rescued by the Italian Coast Guard.

After on Saturday recovering the bodies of three women near the shipwreck, the Italian Coast Guard then found another seven bodies - four women and three men - in the same area, according to Italian media reports.

Coast Guard personnel worked all day Saturday and Sunday looking for possible survivors after on Saturday receiving word that a boat about 140 miles from the Italian island of Lampedusa was on the verge of sinking, after which they dispatched two motorboats and a naval vessel to that location.

The report of the sinking craft was received Saturday morning at the Coast Guard headquarters in Palermo, after which Italian officials informed the authorities in Malta and Libya.

Once the foundering vessel was located by a Maltese aircraft, two Italian Coast Guard motorboats set out from Lampedusa along with the naval vessel and reached the boat in time to rescue 62 men and eight women, one of whom was pregnant.

Upon arriving on the scene, the Italians saw a large number of migrants already in the water, most of them showing symptoms of hypothermia and trying to stay afloat by holding onto the boat, which was moments away from sinking, and they quickly transferred as many people as they could onto the naval vessel.

The nationalities of the migrants were not reported. EFE