The caravan of Central American mothers, who came to Mexico in search of their offspring and to denounce the violence suffered by migrants crossing this country, concluded Saturday, having raised awareness of the problem but meeting with total indifference from the government.

"Local governments helped us with security matters but that's all - there was no real commitment. Not one governor of the states we went through was interested enough to give the mothers a hearing," Ruben Figueroa, a member of the Mesoamerican Migrant Movement, told Efe.

For 19 days, 38 family members of missing migrants from El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala toured 14 states to talk about the problem and seek clues as to the whereabouts of their missing sons and daughters.

The caravan made 23 strategic stops at places along the migration route and succeeded in reuniting five mothers with their missing children. Another son was found, but in the end a reunion with his mom could not be achieved.

"One of the important results is having the civil organizations in the places we passed through coming out in solidarity with the mothers of the caravan and promising to join the search for the missing migrants," the activist said.

These organizations committed themselves, for example, to launching a search for missing Central Americans on their databases in order to increase the number of mothers being reunited with their sons and daughters. EFE