The storm system that was once Hurricane Sandy continued to weaken Wednesday after causing at least 50 deaths in the United States, but 5.9 million homes remain without electricity in 15 states, assorted media outlets reported.

A summary prepared by CNN said that at least 50 people had lost their lives due to Sandy around the country, while NBC reported that the death toll stood at 55.

In addition, a total of 5.9 million homes - and some 8 million people - remain without power after Sandy knocked out electrical service across wide swaths of the northeast.

Weather authorities say that Sandy has been breaking up into multiple centers of circulation as it approaches the Great Lakes region.

In its most recent bulletin, issued at 1500 GMT, the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center said that "winds ... and rain from the remnants of Sandy continue to diminish ... (and) multiple centers of circulation in association with the (storm) can be found across the lower Great Lakes."

Flood warnings are in effect for northern New England, the Mid-Atlantic coastal states and portions of the coasts of the Great Lakes.

More than 19,000 domestic and international flights have been canceled since Saturday due to the storm, but most of the airports in the northeastern part of the country were operating normally on Wednesday, except for LaGuardia and Newark airports in New York and New Jersey, respectively.

U.S. President Barack Obama continued his hiatus from reelection campaigning on Wednesday by visiting areas devastated by Sandy in New Jersey, where the hurricane made landfall Monday evening, and there he evaluated some of the damage firsthand and consoled a number of people who had lost their homes. EFE