Eight people died, 260,000 were evacuated and an estimated $95.2 million in damages were the result of Typhoon Son-Tinh as it swept through Vietnam, authorities said Tuesday.

Initial figures include some 10,000 homes destroyed or damaged, 5,500 electrical pylons blown down and tens of thousands of hectares (acres) of ricefields and other crops underwater.

The hardest-hit provinces are along the northern coast of the Gulf of Tonkin, according to the government.

Authorities said that weather forecasts had indicated that the storm, which as it made landfall had gusts of wind up to 133 kph (83 mph), would enter through the central region of the country.

But Son-Tinh changed course and moved into northeast Vietnam through provinces that had not prepared for a direct hit from the storm.

Before reaching Vietnam, the typhoon crossed the Philippines where it left at least 30 dead and missing persons, as well as thousands of evacuees.

Every year, hundreds of people lose their lives in the downpours, tropical storms and typhoons of Southeast Asia's rainy season. EFE