Spain's southern coast is experiencing the massive arrival of Sub-Saharan immigrants in open boats, a situation that the secretary-general of immigration and emigration on Tuesday linked to the good weather in the region.

Since Sunday, 95 immigrants traveling in 16 open boats have been rescued in the Strait of Gibraltar off the coast of Spain's Andalusia region.

At a press conference in the autonomous city of Ceuta on the North African coast, Marina del Corral said that the continuing arrival of boatloads of immigrants is due to the prevailing good weather, adding that the Spanish government has not activated any special plan for dealing with the matter.

The situation is one of "an end-of-summer upturn," said the immigration official, who added that the migrants are taking advantage of the good weather "the latest who have arrived perhaps with less luck, but the protocol is identical."

Del Corral emphasized that the Spanish government is viewing this increase in the migrant flow calmly, given that "we have the mechanisms to confront it, we have the humanitarian aid to offer ... them and we're doing it adequately."

On Tuesday, the Spanish Maritime Rescue service intercepted in the Strait of Gibraltar 29 Sub-Saharan migrants, among them three women and a baby, as they were trying to make it to the Spanish coast aboard five inflatable toy boats. EFE