At least 24 people have died and another six are missing after Tropical Storm Son-Tinh swept through the Philippines' central region, local authorities said Saturday.

Son-Tinh moved away from the country Friday on a path toward Vietnam, after affecting more than 66,000 people, of whom 15,000 remain in shelters set up by the government

The director of the national emergency management council, Benito Ramos, said that the fatalities occurred in the provinces of Tagalog del Sur, Bicol, Visayas Central, Visayas Oriental and Socksargen.

Meanwhile at least 19 people required medical treatment for injuries caused by the storm, three of whom had been reported missing on Friday.

Material damage amounted to some $880,000, including infrastructure wreckage and crop destruction.

The storm, which hit the country before dawn Wednesday, traveled at some 22 kilometers (14 miles) per hour with gusts of up to 90 kilometers (56 miles) per hour, according to the meteorological service. EFE