Two people were killed Saturday during a new police intervention in a Lima marketplace, where last Thursday clashes between police, criminals and wholesalers left another two people dead, the director of the Dos de Mayo Hospital, Jose Roca, said.

"One was gunned down and the other was apparently stabbed," Roca said on Canal N television.

The doctor said the victims, between ages 20 and 30, have not yet been identified, while another three people are being operated for gunshot wounds.

Police chief Raul Salazar told reporters Saturday that 5,000 cops were taking part in the operation at the La Parada market, where they have closed the entrance with concrete blocks to keep trucks from driving into the establishment.

The violence broke out Thursday when the Lima municipality tried to stop trucks from making pick-ups and deliveries at La Parada in the La Victoria district, because it had designated as the only wholesale market in the city the one located in the Santa Anita district.

In protest, the wholesalers attacked the police with clubs, stones and bottles, to which the officers responded with shots in the air and tear gas, sparking an escalation of violence that included the looting of some stores of the Gamarra textile trading center next to La Parada. EFE