Five people died and 11 are missing after the roof of a supermarket in the southwestern Argentine city of Neuquen caved in, officials said Friday.

Another 18 people were injured and taken to different health clinics, six of whom remain hospitalized, the city's coordination secretary, Marcelo Bermudez, told TN television.

"Police and firefighters, who are the people authorized to go in, confirmed five people dead, one of them apparently a minor," Bermudez said.

The roof cave-in at the Cooperativa Obrera supermarket in Neuquen, located 1,153 kilometers (715 miles) southwest of Buenos Aires, occurred Thursday night for reasons currently under investigation.

"The bodies are being recovered and began being taken out at midnight in a very complex task. They're working under slabs, which makes the process more difficult," Bermudez said.

Cooperativa Obrera, meanwhile, said in a statement that the causes of the collapse are unknown and that its priority is to "accompany and ensure adequate assistance to those affected." EFE