The protesters who occupied the Michoacan state government's representative office in the Mexican capital to demand the release of eight students arrested in an Oct. 15 police operation left the building after cutting a deal with Mexico City officials.

Federal District officials entered the office Tuesday to negotiate after the protesters released most of the Michoacan government personnel inside, Mexico City Deputy Government Secretary Juan Jose Garcia Ochoa told Efe.

"The proposal we made was to avoid a violent situation, or damage to the office, the building, the things inside, and, of course, the people," Garcia Ochoa said.

The protesters were asked to leave immediately, with officials granting them "guarantees that if they did so, there would be no reprisals," Garcia Ochoa said.

The protesters fulfilled their end of the deal and left the office, the Mexico City official said.

The occupiers were demanding the release of eight students - out of a total of 176 arrested - who remain in custody more than a week after police stormed three schools in Michoacan to retrieve 82 commandeered vehicles.

Students had seized buses and delivery trucks belonging to firms such as Coca-Cola and Sabritas to protest changes to the curriculum at Mexico's normal schools. Those institutions - once common in both Europe and the Americas - prepare young people for careers in teaching.

Authorities in Michoacan, led by "the repressor (Gov.) Fausto Vallejo," have beaten the jailed students and refuse to pursue a negotiated solution to the curriculum conflict, the occupiers in Mexico City said Tuesday. EFE