Drug enforcement agents seized 928 bricks of cocaine that arrived over the weekend in the southern Dominican Republic from South America and arrested eight suspects, the DNCD drug enforcement agency said.

The cocaine, which was seized on Sunday, has a street value of millions of dollars, the DNCD said in a statement, without specifying a specific dollar amount or the exact quantity of drugs seized.

Drug enforcement agents found the drugs in an SUV that was heading to the capital.

Two women and six men were arrested in the operation, but authorities are looking for at least five other people involved in the smuggling ring, the DNCD said.

One of the suspects was injured when he confronted drug enforcement agents taking part in the operation, the agency said.

The cocaine was smuggled into the Dominican Republic by "a criminal structure" that uses the country as a transit point for drugs from South America bound for other markets, the DNCD said.

The suspects involved in smuggling this shipment have been linked to the 777 kilos of cocaine seized in August at Puerto Multimodal Caucedo, located in the eastern part of the country, before they could be shipped to the Netherlands, the DNCD said. EFE