Soldiers found and destroyed a refinery operated by the FARC guerrilla group in Colombia's Nariño province, which borders Ecuador, but no arrests or injuries were reported in the operation, the army said Sunday.

The operation "was conducted by the men of Mobile Brigade No. 35, who managed to locate and destroy an illegal refinery used by terrorists from the FARC's Mariscal Antonio Jose de Sucre squad to steal and process crude from the Transandino pipeline," the army said.

Soldiers recovered more than 37,000 liters (nearly 233 barrels) of petroleum taken by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, from the pipeline.

State-controlled oil company Ecopetrol operates the 306-kilometer (190-mile) Transandino pipeline, which links Ecuador's border region to the Colombian Pacific port of Tumaco.

The clandestine refinery was in a rural area known as Palpis, which is outside the city of Ricaurte.

Soldiers found a distilling tower, dozens of yards of cables and plastic hoses at the site.

The army found an illegal FARC refinery last Tuesday in Barbacoas, a rural area in Nariño.

Colombian government officials and FARC representatives met in Norway last Thursday to formally inaugurate a peace process aimed at ending nearly five decades of internal strife.

Both parties agreed to hold another preparatory meeting in Cuba on Nov. 5 before initiating the dialogue 10 days later. EFE