In the powerful storm that has caused flooding in Spain's northeastern region, one woman was found dead and another two people are missing, authorities said Friday.

Emergency management teams working in Gerona province found the body of a woman in the sea near the place where a 37-year-old Polish citizen went missing Thursday night when he was swept away by a wave while on the beach at Lloret de Mar.

An autopsy will be performed on the woman's body, paramedics said.

Emergency management teams are also searching for a Frenchman in his 20s who has been missing since he went fishing Thursday on a rocky coast near the town of Roses, also in Gerona.

Authorities issued an alert that waves of up to 2.5 meters (5 feet) will strike the entire Catalan coastline until Sunday, along with strong winds and heavy rain.

Citizens were also urged to take extreme precautions all along the coast and to stay away from breakwaters and esplanades along the seashore.

Another region hit by heavy rains was Aragon, where at least three towns suffered flooding and widespread material damage.

Firefighters are working in the area where torrential rains raised the water level of a river until it flooded houses and stores and damaged cars parked along roadways.

Meanwhile the Navarre region has alerted citizens about the risk of overflowing rivers and has blocked traffic on five highways where flooding has occurred. EFE