(updates with surrender of shooter)


A mentally disturbed man who shot and wounded three people early Thursday here in Brazil's largest city surrendered to police after a siege of almost nine hours.

Around 30 police officers surrounded Fernando Gouveia's home in Sao Paulo's Aclimação neighborhood as authorities continued urging the shooter to give himself up.

The 32-year-old Gouveia, who suffers from schizophrenia, shot a judicial official, psychologist and nurse who came to his home Thursday morning to enforce a court order committing him to a psychiatric hospital, police said.

The three shooting victims were listed in stable condition at a nearby hospital, the municipal health department said.

Gouveia was alone in the home and posed no danger to anyone else, police spokesman Comte Marcelo Pignatari told reporters.

"Our concern, when he surrendered, was to calm him and tell him there was no reason to be nervous, and he agreed then to go to the home next door, laid down on the stretcher and the medical team saw he wasn't hurt and then he could be handcuffed," the spokesman said.