Peruvian authorities recovered 11 bodies after a mudslide swept through a village in the northern Peruvian jungle region of San Martin, while 10 others remain missing.

The Indeci emergency management agency said a team of rescue personnel, including army soldiers and local residents, were searching for the other 10 people.

Another three injured people were taken to a hospital in Tarapoto, the region's largest city.

Wednesday's mudslide also destroyed 10 homes and a pedestrian bridge and caused 600 meters (1,967 feet) of water pipes to collapse.

Rescue personnel are evaluating the damage to the village of El Porvenir and working to ensure humanitarian aid reaches those affected, Indeci chief Alfredo Murgueytio told RPP radio.

"It's an area on the edge of the jungle. A river runs to the side of the village, the homes were located on the edge of (that stream) and the floodwaters swept away what was there," he said.

At least 21 people, including four minors, were reported missing after torrential rains sent mud, trees and rocks crashing into El Porvenir, where roughly 100 coffee-growing families live, the governor of Picota province, Jaime Pinedo, said.

Emergency management personnel traveled to the disaster site - located 60 kilometers (37 miles) from Tarapoto - to assess the damage and verify the number of people missing, an Indeci spokesman said.

The rains also swelled the Huallaga River, one the main transport routes in that region, further hindering access to the area. EFE