The Miami rapper known as "Bizzle" died after being shot in a carwash in the violence-racked neighborhood of Liberty City, police said Tuesday.

The 37-year-old musician, famous for songs like "Lip Biting Animal," drove with two of his children to a carwash Monday night and began talking to a youth who soon afterwards shot him.

Bizzle, whose real name was Robert Labranche and who also went by the name of "Chowtime," died at the scene of the shooting, according to police, who have asked citizens to collaborate in locating the killer.

Since early Tuesday morning people have flocked to the crime scene to leave floral tributes and to talk about what happened with other residents of this mostly black Miami neighborhood plagued with street crime.

In the past few hours social networks have been full of messages from other rappers and local figures condemning the murder and offering Bizzle's family their condolences.  

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