In the same building in which Juan de la Cuesta printed "Don Quixote" between 1605 and 1615, Madrid's Sociedad Cervantina on Tuesday presented the e-book edition most faithful to the original magnum opus of Miguel de Cervantes, a volume put out by the Bolchiro publishing house.

After viewing the e-book for many years like the giants the Spanish knight errant thought he saw in the windmills of La Mancha, the tale of Don Quixote has now broken into the new format.

Cervantes expert and professor at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid Florencio Sevilla, as a representative of old school academic rigor; Bolchiro editor Pablo Nolla, as the leader of the new technology, and actor Jose Sacristan, a symbol of the oral tradition for interpreting Don Quixote on different occasions, all attended the ceremony to publicly present the electronic edition.

"We've joined with absolute harmony the most up-to-date technological advances with the most demanding critical and philological guarantees," Sevilla said about the e-book, the cover of which shows, symbolically, a piece of paper torn into four sections, each of which bears one of the following syllables: don, qui, jo and te.

The edition includes 296 high-quality Gustav Dore engravings, 3,444 notes on the original text that appear as pop-up windows to facilitate the reading experience and an introduction with a chronology and critical analysis of the work.

The e-book was created using the most modern technology in the publishing field, the ePub3 format, and is on sale online. EFE