A Spanish citizen serving a sentence for drug trafficking died in a women's prison in Lima, Peru's Inpe penitentiary service said.

An official communique said that the Spaniard, identified only by the initials T.I.F., was found unconscious in her cell around 1:00 p.m. Sunday by guards during a routine check.

The guards tried to help her and took her immediately to a Lima hospital where she was pronounced dead, according to the statement.

RPP radio cited an unnamed inmate as saying that T.I.F. committed suicide after stricter prison conditions were enforced two weeks ago.

Inpe said the body would undergo an autopsy and that the Spanish Consulate has been notified of the fatality.

The consulate confirmed to Efe the decease of the Spanish citizen and said that it hopes the autopsy results will reveal the cause of death.

Inpe said it has launched an investigation of the case "to determine possible responsibilities" and expressed its "most sincere condolences to the inmate's family. EFE