The death toll from the mudslide that hit a hamlet in southwestern Colombia earlier this month has risen to 10, with five people still listed as missing, emergency management officials said.

Search teams plan to continue looking for the bodies of the five missing residents of Villas del Prado, a hamlet in Huila province, National Risk Assessment Unit, or UNGRD, spokeswoman Sandra Calvo told Efe.

The latest figures on the number of people who disappeared in the Oct. 6 mudslide were compiled after the bodies of four people listed as missing were found, Calvo said.

The search will be concluded between Sunday "and Monday since the reconstruction plan continues for the dwellings, which are 33," as well as the road, the UNGRD spokeswoman said.

Work crews are repairing a bridge and clearing the La Chorrera stream, which caused the natural disaster, Calvo said.

The UNGRD has spent nearly 100 million pesos (about $55,627) on assistance to families in Villa del Prado and neighboring Remolinos that were affected by the mudslide.

The two hamlets are outside the city of Isnos.

Officials inspected La Chorrera, a tributary of the Magdalena River, Colombia's largest waterway, on Saturday and said erosion on the hillside affected by the mudslide would require the evacuation of other families.

The Villas del Prado disaster is the first of Colombia's second annual rainy season, which lasts from October through December.

The natural disaster affected a large section of Isnos, a city whose archaeological and cultural sites draw many tourists. EFE