Cristina Umaña, known in Latin America for her role in the HBO Latino series "Capadocia," returns to U.S. television as a leading character in the "El Capo 2" series, which airs on the new Mundo Fox channel.

In "El Capo 2," the story contines with the discovery that El Capo, played by Marlon Moreno, is not dead and is back for a second season of intrigue and action.

This time the plot shifts between Colombia and the United States.

In this blood-drenched story, Umaña says she is happy to be playing the role of "Bruna," a mercenary she describes as "a woman completely different from the one I played before," which turns out to be a challenge she enjoys.

"Bruna is similar to the movie character of 'La Femme Nikita.' She's a sophisticated, highly trained woman who fits easily into any social setting. At the same time she's a soul plagued with guilt, for which she seeks to atone so she can rest in peace," the Colombian actress told Efe.

In order to play this character, Umaña had to become knowledgeable about all kinds of weapons and how to use them, which meant taking classes in stage combat throughout the shoot.

"I like characters from worlds I know nothing about. I want them to be contradictory or have things happen to them that pose a challenge for me," she said.

"This story in particular shows that bad guys aren't born bad, they become bad. And socio-political factors have a lot to do with it. It also shows us that money stained with blood is evil," she said. EFE