(Updates casualty figures)


Two workers died and another was trapped and in serious condition in the collapse Wednesday of a five-story parking garage under construction at a campus of Miami Dade College.

Nine other people were hurt and one of the roughly 30 workers at the site when the accident happened remains unaccounted for.

Doctors and paramedics are fighting to save the life of one of the workers who remains partially buried in the rubble of the ruined parking garage, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue spokesperson Griselle Marino told Efe.

"His situation is critical. He's trapped from the waist down. There's a lot of dust and rubble," which is making the rescue efforts difficult," said Marino.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Capt. Louie Fernandez added that doctors are attending to the man and providing him with oxygen and food as those efforts proceed in an effort to keep him alive.

Meanwhile, another worker in serious condition was transported to the hospital after being pulled out of the rubble, Marino said.

The incident occurred on Wednesday morning when a portion of the parking garage rapidly - and apparently with no warning - fell in on itself.

At the moment of the collapse, there were no students inside the parking garage, only workers.

Images taken from news helicopters overhead and broadcast by WSVN-TV of the garage shows a pile of cement rubble and construction equipment, as well as several workers receiving medical assistance from rescue teams amid the ruins.

Miami-Dade firefighters are moving through the ruins with specially trained dogs as rescue efforts continue. EFE