The man suspected of leading the slaughter of seven people inside a home south of the Guatemalan capital is in custody, police said Wednesday.

Cesar Chavez, 38, was arrested in the village where the killings took place, police spokesman Pablo Castillo told the media.

It was in the wee hours of Tuesday that rifle-toting men burst into the Gonzalez family's modest dwelling in Las Escobas and opened fire.

Maria Concepcion Gonzalez, 50, her son, Enrique Gonzalez, 24, daughter-in-law Sandra, 25, and granddaughter Julissa, 8 months, died in the attack.

The other family members killed in the attack have been identified as Encarnacion Gonzalez, 18, Roberto Gonzalez, 25, and Israel Gonzalez, 8.

Enrique Gonzalez's 4-year-old son, Leonel, was wounded in the left hand and three other children inside the house escaped unharmed, police said.

Relatives of the victims said Cesar Chavez had threatened the family in connection with a dispute over land.

Chavez faces charges of murder, attempted murder and conspiracy, Castillo said.

The four children who survived the assault are under the protection of the Attorney General's Office. EFE