A Colombian judge declared the country's former beauty queen and actress Valerie Dominguez innocent of involvement in the embezzling of millions in agricultural subsidies.

The judge said the beauty was "used" by her ex-boyfriend Juan Manuel Davila, a member of a family in the northern part of the country plunged in a corruption scandal involving the illicit awarding of substantial, non-refundable agricultural subsidies.

Valerie "knows nothing about farming" while her ex-boyfriend was "an expert" on the subject, the judge said.

"Ingenuous...unsuspecting...enamored," the one-time beauty queen "knew nothing while he knew everything," the judge said.

"He didn't want to lose the subsidy," and to keep his hands on it he "used his ingenuous, unsuspecting and enamored girlfriend," the judge said.

Involved in the same scandal is a group of former Agriculture Ministry officials headed by ex-Minister Andres Felipe Arias, now under investigation for illegally distributing subsidies from the Sure Income Agriculture program, or AIS.

The AIS was created by the conservative Arias, who resigned in early 2009 after six years as minister in order to run for president in the 2010 elections under the aegis of President Alvaro Uribe, who governed Colombia from 2002 to 2010.

The plan, which managed some 288 billion pesos (more than $156.41 million), was created to aid small farmers who might be hurt by the future application of the free trade agreement between Colombia and the United States.

The hefty subsidies, however, tended to benefit stock brokers, big landowners and relatives of politicians, according to the investigations.

Last week some of Davila's family members, including his father, mother and a sister, were sentenced to 20-22 months of house arrest for having fraudulently received 2.2 billion pesos ($1.2 million) from the AIS program.

The ex-beauty queen and actress was investigated for attempted embezzlement and for falsifying the paperwork to obtain a subsidy of 306 million pesos ($174,430) from the same program. 

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