Mexican moviemaker Guillermo del Toro received an Eyegore Award for his career contribution to the horror genre in an event at Universal Studios Hollywood, where he told Efe that he is "excited" by the conversion of his upcoming film "Pacific Rim" to 3D.

The gala, preceded by a crowded red carpet where such celebs made their entrance as Kate del Castillo, Wilmer Valderrama and Diego Boneta, served to kick off the new season of "Halloween Horror Nights" at Universal Studios.

Singer Alice Cooper was in charge of presenting Del Toro with his Eyegore Award, something that the director of the Oscar-winning "Pan's Labyrinth" said was "fantastic."

"It's really flattering," said the director, who is currently working on several projects.

The first of them, "Pacific Rim," signifies his return to the big screen with a science fiction superproduction that will premiere in 2013 and that Warner recently announced would be converted to 3D despite Del Toro's initial reluctance.

"Nothing was imposed on me, the relationship with Legendary and Warner is extraordinarily good, what has been changing is that as we've been receiving the shots we got more and more excited about converting it to 3D," the director said.

Del Toro told Efe that it led him to decide about converting the film "7 Semanas" (7 Weeks) to 3D, and only after seeing that the final result of the special effects did not affect the size of the robots nor of the giant extraterrestrials that are the film's leading characters.

"We had access to an immensely large budget, they gave me dozens of weeks to do the conversion instead of just a few, so we could do it very carefully," the director said.

"Pacific Rim" is about the threat of amazingly large beings from another planet that burst onto the Earth and try to wipe out the human race, which faces up to its enemies armed with giant robots.

Del Toro, who in January will premiere "Mama," a horror film in which he acts as producer and which is based on the Spanish short subject, confirmed that his vampire novel trilogy "The Strain" has been accepted by Fox for a television series.

"We wanted to show vampires that weren't romantic, just terrifying. What was unprecedented was that Fox went ahead and ordered the pilot episode directly and we're going to film it next year," Del Toro said.

The "Halloween Horror Nights" will begin Friday at Universal Studios Hollywood and will be repeated for 19 days up to Oct. 31, Halloween night. EFE