EFE News Briefs for Friday, Sept. 21

Published September 21, 2012


Blog: Editor of Cuban official daily defects to U.S.


An editor of Cuban Communist Party newspaper Granma has left the island and applied for political asylum in the United States, the Cafe Fuerte blog said.

Mairelys Cuevas Gomez, 27, arrived in Miami last Sunday after crossing into the United States from Mexico, where she traveled with permission from the Cuban government to take part in an event, according to Cafe Fuerte.

Cuevas declined to make any statements to Cafe Fuerte, a Spanish-language blog that largely reflects concerns of Miami's large Cuban exile community.




Lawmaker slain by wife, Mexican prosecutors say


The legislator who died of stab wounds last weekend was killed by his own wife, Mexico state Attorney General Miguel Angel Contreras said.

The events that led to the death of Jaime Serrano Cedillo "had their origin inside his home, derived from a marital dispute, and the one who caused the wound was Mrs. Patricia Grimaldo de la Cruz," Contreras told a press conference.

Serrano Cedillo, who represented the Mexico City suburb of Nezahualcoyotl in the Mexico state legislator, died Sunday afternoon at a hospital. The 45-year-old politician was a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI.

Citing statements from Grimaldo de la Cruz and several witnesses, Contreras said the fatal stabbing followed a "heated argument between the spouses that led to acts of violence" on the part of both husband and wife.




Honduras says report of massacre a false alarm


Reports of the massacre of 16 members of an extended family in a remote area of the eastern Honduran province of Olancho turned out to be false, police said.

"A relative (of the alleged victims) has confirmed that his siblings and nieces and nephews are fine and that no massacre existed," senior police official Alex Villanueva told the media.

The National Police will investigate to determine why someone concocted the story about a mass killing in a hamlet that is several hours' walk from the nearest town, he said.




Spanish firms eye Brazil's fast-growing wind energy sector


Brazilian electricity generation is set to climb by 29 percent through 2016 and most of that growth will come from wind energy, opening up possibilities for Spanish and Portuguese firms, energy sector officials said.

Brazil's main source of power is hydroelectric energy, which accounts for 78.7 percent of the country's total installed capacity.

That proportion, however, is expected to fall to 71.2 percent in 2016 due to economic, environmental and other factors, Hermes Chipp, president of the Brazilian Power System Operator, or ONS, said Thursday during a lunch with Spanish energy executives.

Other sources - nuclear, natural gas, coal, biomass, fuel oil and wind - will account for a rising share of total power generation in the next four years, but the latter will experience the biggest increase, Chipp said at the event, organized by the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Brazil.




Nicaraguan lawmakers approve construction of refinery, pipeline


Nicaragua's legislature has approved a bill authorizing construction of an oil refinery, an inter-oceanic pipeline and other facilities, a $6.6 billion project to be partially funded by close ally Venezuela.

According to the bill, approved Thursday by a vote of 80-4 with one abstention by the Sandinista-controlled unicameral National Assembly, the "Bolivar's Supreme Dream" industrial complex in the Pacific region will include a plant for receiving, storing and distributing hydrocarbons.

It also will house liquefied petroleum gas filling/distribution plants, a petrochemical plant, an inter-oceanic pipeline terminal and "all the other industrial works and installations needed to develop a refining and petrochemical industry," the bill states.

In July 2007, leftist President Daniel Ortega and Venezuelan counterpart and close ally Hugo Chavez laid the cornerstone for the refinery, initially located in Piedras Blancas, not far from Puerto Sandino on Nicaragua's Pacific coast. The construction site was later moved to another nearby area known as Miramar.




Maradona to be father again, Argentine media says


Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona and girlfriend Veronica Ojeda are expecting their first child together, the press reported.

"I'm four months pregnant," the 34-year-old Ojeda, Maradona's partner for the past seven years, told Argentine Web portal Ciudad.com.

The 51-year-old Maradona has two daughters - 25-year-old Dalma and 23-year-old Giannina - from his marriage to ex-wife Claudia VillafaƱe.

An Italian court also ruled that Maradona is the biological father of 26-year-old Diego Sinagra, a midfielder for Argentine third-division soccer club El Porvenir. The soccer great, however, does not recognize Sinagra as his son.